Due to it being rich in active substances, borututu works on a large part of our organism, according to the needs of the cells, while being recognised for its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases related to the stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen and the entire urinary tract.
As a purifying substance, it helps fluidify the blood, thus fighting cholesterol and normalising blood pressure. Used as a lotion, it is effective in the treatment of herpes, open sores and other affections. Due to its highly diuretic effect, it eliminates fat and promotes weight loss. The results just described have been confirmed by the testimony of hundreds of people who have undergone these treatments and by laboratory tests.

borututuBorututu is advised for :

Urinary tract
Due to its wide reputation, Borututu was used on a regular basis by colonists, who saw it as a preventive substance. It is a highly detoxifying and purifying root rich in quinone, catechol, polyol and bioflavonoids.
Borututu is a product obtained from an African plant, known for its preventive and healing qualities. For centuries, Angolan traditional medicine has used it in different treatments, taken internally, as a drink, and applied externally, as a lotion, thus curing a great number of diseases that affect the Angolan territory, which, due to lack of remedies and medicines, as well as to the lack of a cure, cause many people to die without recourse to natural treatment. These are generally hepatic diseases, among which can be found hepatitis, jaundice, bilious colic (medically incurable) and other disorders treatable by traditional medicine.