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Uric Acid – Capsules


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Recommended for the treatment of gout and uric acid

This vegetable compound, derived from Borututu, is constituted by plants like ash, birch, horsetail, ortossifon and erva-príncipe. It was conceived in order to take advantage of the synergic action of the plants that constitute it and aims at providing an effective response in the treatment of rheumatism problems such as gout, formation of uric acid and similar affections.

URIC ACID - This acid is a terminal by-product of the decomposition of ingested nutrients. It is one of the most harmful substances to the human organism. If it is not quickly and correctly eliminated it becomes poisonous. Human beings have a very limited capacity to eliminate uric acid. Our kidneys do not seem prepared to eliminate it as quickly as it is caused by a diet constituted by foods rich in purines. If uric acid is not eliminated, it is deposited is tissues (muscles and joints), thus playing an important part in health problems such as sclerosis, arthritism and the formation of gallbladder and kidney calculuses.

 (Cochlospermum angolensis) – Its extraordinary capacity to recover the functions played by the liver and gallbladder is here used as a catalyst for the actions exerted by the other plants that constitute the compound. In a situation of hepatic insufficiency, the liver loses its capacity to distinguish between substances resulting from the ingestion of food, which will provide a supply ready to be used according to the needs of the organism, and substances more or less toxic that should be transformed into urea. In this way, toxic substances make their way into the blood stream. Although its wide range of action allows it to act on the other organs, this plant is essentially to work as a detoxicant, in order to catalyse the effect of the other plants included in the compound.

ASH (Fraxinus excelsior) – Its leaves are astringent, tonic (against fatigue), mildly laxative and diuretic. They exert a positive action on the dissolution of the urates that constitute the main part of kidney calculoses.

BIRCH (Betula pendula) – It accelerates the elimination of residual products through the urine, thus being helpful in the treatment of kidney and bladder stones (or sand), rheumatism and gout.

HORSE TAIL (equisetum arvense) – A large part of this plant’s therapeutical action is due to its high levels of silica, a large part of which is soluble and can be absorbed. Silica favours the regeneration of the conjunctive tissue (a constituent of joints), improving its strength and elasticity.

ORTOSSIFON (Ortossiphon stamineus) – It contains a high quantity of potassium, which improves the selective permeability of cells (nutrient exchanges on the cellular level), fights the bad functioning of the kidneys resulting from chronic nephritis and increases the elimination of nitrogen compounds by the kidneys.

 - It relaxes the muscles of the stomach and intestines and it relieves spasmodic pain and flatulence. Note: Since the use of tablets demands a larger digestive effort than the extract, we added erva príncipe and ortossifon to its composition, in order to make its absorption easier for the organism. In this way, we intend to prevent possible discomforts for those who may suffer from gastric or intestinal problems but still prefer tablets to the extract. Recommendations: rheumatism problems are to a large extent caused by our diet. Therefore, to solve them it is not enough to take this or any other product. It demands a real change of attitude in relation to certain aspects of our diet and daily living. You should re-examine your diet and exercise, going for short walks, for example. Ask your naturopath for advice.


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