pau de cabinda vials

Pau de Cabinda Vials

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Product Description

Pau de Cabinda 20 vials 10 ml

Vials have a quicker action due to its fast absortion by the organism.
Each box has 20 vials of 10ml
How to use: 1 to 2 vials of pau de cabinda 20 minutes before the desired effect. Never exceed 3 vials a day. If you suffer from hypertension or heart condition talk to your doctor before using this product.
Quick facts about pau de cabinda vials : 
* Provides stronger erections
* It’s aphrodisiac
* Increases energy
* Improves stamina
* Increases sensation and pleasure
* Improves blood flow
* Increases libido
Pau de Cabinda Power is a natural aphrodisiac for men and women

This product is not recommended in cases of diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

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