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Mocumbi Extract 200 ml

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Mocumbi Extract 200ml  

* Chronic asthma
* Ordinary coughs
* Difficult breathing
* Sore throat
* Dry cough

Mocumbi has a reputed anti-spasmodic action on the bronchus and bronchiole, which has relevance for the management of both ordinary coughs and chronic asthma.

Mocumbi tree bark (cortex) is an herbal supplement to treat disorders of the respiratory system. Clinical studies indicate the plant has an excellent emollient action on the upper respiratory tract, where it acts like a soothing moisturizer to parched tissues. This is why this botanical gained such a reputation for treating dry cough, sore throat, and difficult breathing.

Mocumbi for Chronic Asthma

People with asthma reveal symptoms when the airways tighten, or get filled with mucus or even inflame. The most commun asthma symptoms are:
* Shortness of breath
* Coughing
* Chest tightness, pressure or pain
* Wheezing
Not every person with asthma shows the same asthma symptoms in the same way. The asthma symptoms may also vary from one asthma attact to the other.


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