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Aloe Vera & Borututu – Constipation

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Product Description

The aloe gel works on an internal level in the treatment of constipation and peptic ulcers .  The irritable bowel syndrome explains nearly half of all gastroenterology appointments and is to a large extent caused by the poor intake of vegetable fibres that caracterises western diet as well as by psychosomatic factors.
Together with Borututu, an excellent organic drainer (which re-establishes liver and kidney functions), this product aims at taking advantage of the characteristics of each of the plants that constitute it, but also of their synergic energy, which enhances its effects, thus widening its range of action:
- Peptic ulcers (a),
– Irritable bowel syndrome,
– Constipation (it is not a laxative),
– Hepatic disorders:
– Poor functioning of the gallbladder
– Fatty liver syndrome
– High cholesterol
* – Disorders in the functioning of the kidneys.
(a) Peptic – relating to pepsin (the main enzyme in the constitution of gastric juice)


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