Damiana Herb

Damiana herb ( Turnera diffusa ) is a wild shrub that grows in the tropical forests of America. Historically it was used mostly to increase sexual desire, working as a natural aphrodisiac.
damianaDamiana is also used to treat nervous stomach and constipation. It boosts mental and physical stamina. The most famous civilization to use Damiana’s aphrodisiac properties were the Mayans.
Damiana herb works on both male and female and shows results on other health problems like asthma, depression and menstrual problems. The herb is also recommended by many top herbalists as a generic tonic.
It increases energy levels which helps restoring libido and desire, bringing oxygen and more sensitivity to the genital area, restoring the ability to achieve orgasm.
On a short term damiana can stimulate the genital area increasing the levels of oxygen. on a long term it can improve sexual fitness and performance. Damiana also includes essential oils like containing cineol, cymol, pinene plus phosphorus. This amazing natural aphrodisiac is usually prepared as a tea.
Advised natural aphrodisiac :